what a roofer choose

Be careful whom you welcome on the roof!

Typically, investors during the construction of the roof attach great importance both for building materials, as well as careful execution. Unfortunately, later very often they forget about the survey, and any minor defects  commission outsource cheaper and often non-professional roofing companies. This is a big mistake, because such action may lead not only to serious damage to the roof, but also void the warranty we provide for roofers roofing work. So before you decide to let someone on the roof - Carefully read the contract with the company which built the roof.

The roof is covered with tiles will serve us for many years, provided that we will be treated with care. First of all, keep in mind the recommendations of the roofers roof inspections. This task is best to commission the company that built the roof. This company not only knows the technology and the materials from which the roof is built, but also often the guarantee agreement stipulates that warranty covers repair minor faults on the roof, unless the roof a review is carried out only by this company. Optimally it is, if we can afford to review twice a year. Once before and once after the winter. Review of the autumn should connect with a review of the chimney and cleaning gutters.  Spring review in turn will check whether frost and snow did not cause damage to gutters, tiles or small leaks in sensitive points the roof.

Mandatory inspections roof should be the rule in the agreements because it confirms the craftsmanship and commitment to quality work by roofer. Such action is not dictated by the desire additional profits by construction companies, but it is a kind of protection. Recently biggest problem roofing companies have is that investors entrust the installation of solar collectors to people who have no idea about the construction of the roof. This installer can cause a lot of damage on the roof - from poor installation of the collector to the roof structure by cutting incorrect or leaky roof tiles conducting wires through the membrane solar roof, and ending with the excessive load of the roof structure. And what does an investor, when the roof starts to leak? Of course, calling the company that built the roof, because it is leaking roof and no collector.

But not only during the installation of the collector unqualified contractor can make a mistake. Generally, all work on the roof, must be entrusted to the company qualified because even such a seemingly simple tasks like installation of antennas or snow-fence  can lead to the destruction of the roof. Persons without qualifications should not even walk on the roof, because wrong walking after roofing, can cause damage.

Seeking professionals both to build the roof, as well as seasonal inspections should choose the company with a reputation and trust. If you do not know anyone personally, you can use our search engine featured roofers. It is a simple utility that lets you find roofers living in the area.


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