moisture inside the roof

The water inside the roof - what is the risk?

The accumulation of dampness under made of tiles hipped roof end is an entirely natural phenomenon, caused primarily weather conditions.

Its the most common source  is, especially at low temperatures, condensing water vapor, also this coming from inside the home or water leaks or melted snow that has been blow under roof tiles. Accumulating in this way, the dampness moves toward the eaves, or accumulates on any encountered obstacle. - If we do not allow her to get out, it could have serious consequences for the roof, as well as our home. The most common effects of such negligence is the weakening of the rafter framing, reducing the insulating properties of the materials used, and even - serious dampness of building materials. That is why it is so important proper execution of roof ventilation. Properly designed system depends on proper installation of the roof ridge, eaves and leave adequate ventilation duct.


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